About Us

It was in 2003, Mr Viraj Panchal and Mr Dilip Bhambhwani, both having been in Sri Lanka for some time and were starved of authentic Indian Cuisine. It was when these two gentlemen were in India for a family trip that they met their longtime friend Sukhvinder Singh and together in a fit of pure passion these three men decided to open The Mango Tree. Within a few short exhilarating months (and after an excessive amount of tastings), The Mango Tree came alive. The name “The Mango Tree” is special as it was inspired by the mango tree at the restaurant premises. The Mango Tree was, is and always will be a much needed addition to the restaurant industry in Sri Lanka.
The Finest North Indian Resto bar in Colombo designed with classic and contemporary style. This elegant diner brings you the true essence of North Indian cuisine in an uncluttered manner blended with international touch.
We "The Mango Tree" strives to bring you the best possible food, service and ambience at all times. We are committed to quality, value and your complete satisfaction. The food served at The Mango Tree is of top notch quality prepared using ingredients of exceptional caliber. Our menu consist of wide variety of dishes, each uniquely different from the other” yet all dishes offering the pure taste of incredible Indian flavors. That’s what makes us the finest north Indian resto bar in Colombo Giving the experience of the rich heritage of northern India mixed with culture and flavors from our master chefs.